Professional Care

Dr. Mayur Pandya is a board certified physician specializing in the diagnosis and management of behavioral and neuropsychiatric conditions. Dr. Pandya’s areas of expertise include mood & anxiety disorders, behavioral manifestations of concussion, and neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Pandya is a member of the International Society for Sport Psychiatry and has served as a NFL team psychiatrist & psychiatric consultant for active & retired elite athletes and sports professionals in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MiLB, PGA, and Division I collegiate sports.

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Confidential Services

Services are uniquely designed for each client and delivered via a range of diverse options that best fit the client’s needs, lifestyle, and schedule. Active licenses are maintained in a number of states in order to provide timely intervention, deliver highly coordinated care and minimize disruptions that may arise from in-season travel or off-season relocations. These include (but are not limited to): Arizona, California, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. For the most up-to-date listing, please contact the office.

Personalized Treatment and Management

Independent Consultations

Coordination of Care

Organizational Collaboration

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ACE Sports Psychiatry specializes in the management of brain & behavioral health conditions that arise in elite athletes and sports professionals. Untreated conditions may contribute to suboptimal performance, physical complaints, and extracurricular problems, affecting overall health and professional productivity.

Do you struggle with controlling your emotions during competition?
Do concentration difficulties effect your performance?
Do you find it hard to sleep due to racing thoughts?
Do you experience sadness that makes it difficult to get through the day?

Depression and Anxiety

Anger Management

Coping with off-field/off-court personal issues

Panic Attacks

Impulsive Behavior

Stress and Burnout

Bipolar Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Drug Abuse

Sports Professionals

Coaches, managers, front office executives, trainers, and agents are at significant risk for depression and other behavioral health concerns. ACE Sports Psychiatry also provides private concierge-level support to these professionals who face the constant demands and pressures of the professional sports environment.


20-year veteran NFL coach

In the months before seeing Dr Pandya, I saw many doctors and was prescribed treatment that never came close to helping my depression. I wondered how I could go on barely able to get out of bed every morning. Dr Pandya’s recommendation continues to help me function as a normal human being going on four years now. For that alone I will always be grateful!”

Russell Maryland, NFL #1 overall draft pick and 3-time Super Bowl Champion

“Through our professional relationship and work together, I have seen the value that Dr Pandya brings to players needing mental health support. Dr Pandya’s ability to easily relate to professional athletes, understand the culture, and confidentially collaborate with others makes him a tremendous asset to any team. I would encourage any player struggling with the demands and stressors of their professional career to consider reaching out to Dr Pandya”

Dr James Bell, UK Sport & former Lead Academy Psychologist, Rugby Football Union

“Dr. Pandya possesses all of the qualities one would hope to find in an expert in behavioural health: intellect, insightfulness, empathy, and understanding. Dr. Pandya’s acute problem solving capacity and willingness to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders makes him stand out. I continue to turn to him for his professional opinion and would recommend him to any athlete, coach or organisation requiring behavioural health consultation”

Steve Sanders, former NFL Wide Receiver and Executive Director of 'Training Camp for Life'

“After retiring from the NFL, I experienced depression. After months of not feeling like myself I opened up to someone and they suggested I seek professional support from Dr. Mayur Pandya. I was hesitant initially but after a few minutes, I felt very comfortable sharing my issues with him. Because of his support, I was able to overcome depression. I know it’s hard for athletes to overcome their pride but I am living proof that there is help for you if you are willing to have the courage enough to ask for help! If you are experiencing something similar, I highly recommend you contact ACE Sports Psychiatry”

Agent for NFL 1st Round Draft Pick

“Dr. Pandya is as good as it gets in the field. Day or night, weekday or weekend, Dr. Pandya always made himself available. He worked carefully and creatively with the client. But, he also worked tirelessly the client’s support group—always within the bounds of confidentiality agreed to by his client—to help the support group understand how to better help the client. Confidentiality, a knowledge of league rules, and a deep understanding of the complicated mental focus that elite athletes must have, were critical to this athlete’s care. Dr. Pandya understood all of these issues. He has a broad understanding of how professional sports leagues work. This knowledge base was a critical tool in helping make sure the client’s best interests were served at all times. I would recommend Dr. Pandya to any client or family member who needs help in these areas”